How to Use Buyer Intent Data to Increase Your Leads, Sales, and Renewals in 2019

Recorded Presentation featuring Metadata

If you’re in Marketing or Sales, you’ll walk away from this presentation knowing how to use your Buyer Intent data.

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“Hey, I might be interested in what you’re selling.”

That’s the silent message prospects are sending you every day.

Prospects send it every time they visit your website, your blog, or your profile on a third-party marketplace, like G2 Crowd.

It’s a valuable signal, a valuable piece of data.

It’s “Buyer Intent” data.

And with the right tools, collecting your Buyer Intent data is easy. But understanding how to use it can be hard without the right guidance.

This free webinar will demystify the process, step by step!

Hosted by Buyer Intent Experts

Gil Allouche

- CEO,

Lauren Decker

- Director of Customer & Product Marketing, G2 Crowd