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Buyer Intent™ Data

Enable your team to identify what companies have visited G2 and viewed your product page, your category page, or a comparison of you and a competitor in order to reach out to prospects at the right time and prevent current customers from churning.

  Get There First

  • Know when prospects are researching you and your competitors on G2 in real time and quickly route leads and send pageview information to your team.

  Prevent Churn

  • Be aware of current customers researching new tools who may be considering switching and understand what other products/integrations are helpful for your customers to preemptively meet their needs.

  Strategize Marketing Activities

  • Target companies searching in your category with account-based marketing campaigns and set up drip campaigns based on actions your prospects are taking.


Connector App for Salesforce

Empower your sales and marketing teams to identify companies actively seeking solutions, allowing them to proactively provide prospects with the content they want.

  Never Miss a Deal

  • Know what companies are researching similar solutions and interacting with your profile on G2 in real time with Buyer Intent data and proactively reach out.
  • Integrate data into marketing campaigns and scoring to deliver key content as prospects conduct research.

  Improve Win Rates

  • Enable your sales team to easily share G2 verified customer reviews and reports to prospects right from the Salesforce account.
  • Empower sales to build and distribute custom reference pages featuring approved testimonial content.

  Get More Reviews

  • Create custom dashboards to monitor and request reviews at the most appropriate time.
  • Map customer reviews to accounts in Salesforce to easily identify brand advocates and at-risk accounts.

The G2 Crowd Connector is available on the AppExchange.


Insight Subscription

G2 Crowd’s Insight Subscription offers access to verified data and reports based on extensive user reviews. Real users give honest feedback about their experiences with the tools they use and we aggregate all of that data in easily consumable reports. The Insight Subscription gives you exclusive access to data not available elsewhere in standard reports or on the site.

  Improve Product Insights

  • Identify feature gaps between you and your competitors and find strategic opportunities where you can outpace them.
  • Understand the impact of product release and new features on user experience.
  • Gain insight to quarterly satisfaction changes from a third party source to supplement NPS surveys.

  Increase Competitive Intelligence

  • Find out how your product stacks up against the competition to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand why users are switching provides to determine if you need to update your product positioning and messaging.
  • Gain insight into competitor pricing and discounts to more accurately support your current and future pricing.

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Improve Your Product

Implementing an effective review strategy can help your business sell more, improve your product, and turn unhappy customers into advocates.

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