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Educate the Market with Trusted Research

  Empower Buyers

Increase brand awareness by promoting G2 Crowd Grid Reports that show how you compare against all products in your space based on satisfaction, market presence, and feature ratings.

  Increase Lead Conversion

Capture and convert more leads by promoting key product advantages validated by Category Indexes that highlight product success in usability, implementation, relationships, or results. 

  Win Against the Competition

Arm your sales team with side-by-side feature comparisons that illustrate how your product stacks up against your biggest competitors.

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Index Reports
Social Assets

Engage Prospects with Rich Visuals and Social Assets

  Use Data to Tell Your Story

Generate interest in your products using G2 Crowd Infographics. Utilizing trends uncovered from real reviews, G2 Crowd creates visually engaging infographics that can be shared across web, email, and social channels.

  Turn 'Likes' Into Leads

Connect with buyers on the social networks they use most with G2 Crowd's Social Assets. G2 Crowd turns authentic reviews and reports into sharable content that can be used to target audiences on popular social networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Put Customers in the Spotlight to Amplify Their Voice

  Grab Buyer Attention With Engaging Video Content

Cut through the noise of today's 'always on' world with dynamic, engaging video reviews featuring real users talking about their business use cases, likes, dislikes, and advice for prospective buyers.

  Scale Your Top Customer References

Let your customers help you seal the deal by sharing customer video reviews. G2 Crowd helps your prospective buyers validate their purchase decisions without requiring a phone call to top customers.

Put Customers in the Spotlight to Amplify Their Voice
Advocate Content Solution

Advocate Content Solution

G2 Crowd's Advocate Content solution allows you to capitalize on customer reviews by offering all the assets you need to attract, convert, and close more customers.

  Amplify Advantages Using All Category Reports

Licensing for all Category Content and Reports, including the G2 Crowd Grid Report, Small Business Grid Report, Mid-Market Grid Report, Enterprise Grid Report, Infographics, Index Reports, and Comparison Reports

  Promote Success Across Social Channels

Turn authentic reviews and high impact reports into shareable, social content with the creation of 3 custom social assets.

  Leverage Your Customer's Voice

Engage and influence buyers with rich content created from customer reviews and the production of 3 video reviews.

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